the academic decathlon™

theacademicdecathlon is Frank Kolodziej.


Fantasy Football 2004 Campaign

Although I wasn’t scheduled to work on it, I was asked to handle the campaign for Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football’s 2004 season. Case Study » Product Demo

I handled the animation and scripting duties on this award-winning Flash product demo, created to showcase’s consumer-level online storage solutions. Case Study »

Independent Truck Co. Web Site

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of NHS, Inc’s Independent Truck Co., I helped develop a site that was an archive of almost every conceivable piece of information relating to the company, from past team riders to every single print ad ever run in a magazine. Case Study »

THREAT Promo Video

This video was created to help THREAT find some new clients. A combination of two different concepts, the bulk of the video ended up being a single, twelve minute shot, time-compressed to three minutes. Case Study »

FORCEQUIT Year 2000 Web Site

The original version of the FQ web site, which made use of Flash & DHTML, featured several windows that moved & resized depending on the active section of the site. It got us recognized in an ID Magazine Design Annual. Case Study »

College Broadcast Campaigns

Yahoo! Sports College Broadcast is another Yahoo! property that I was involved in from the beginning. Although several people worked on its creative at the start, by the time I left the company, I was the only person doing the creative work. Case Study »

Good Vibrations Web Site

Consisting of thousands of HTML pages, the redesign of the site is the largest project I’ve ever been involved with. Case Study »

Yahoo! NYC2003 Party

This party for Yahoo!’s New York sales office consisted of a takeover of a local night club. Logos, photography, invitations, signs, and tchotchkes were all done to support the event. Case Study »

Adidas Golf Web Site

Leagas Delaney asked spyplane to work on the web site, the creative for which was to mirror an already-running print campaign. Case Study »

Yahoo! Platinum Campaign

Platinum was Yahoo!’s video on demand service. It featured content from such providers as the BBC, CBS, Fox, NCAA, and National Geographic, to name a few. I was involved in all of its online ad campaigns. Case Study »

Rage Against The Machine DVD-ROM Presentation

The “Context” DVD-ROM presentation was created as a bonus feature for Rage Against the Machine’s The Battle of Mexico City concert DVD. Case Study »

Unbound Project Web Site

The visual assets provided for this Flash teaser and micro site consisted of three things: a logo, an album cover, and a photo. Given the limited resources, some improvisation was required… Case Study »