Yahoo! Trade Online Campaign

Design, illustration, animation, and production on online ads and landing pages for a Yahoo! campaign showcasing executives at large companies (such as Intel, Pepsi, and Sony) explaining how Yahoo! helps them reach customers, make money, etc. Examples »

Three of Hearts Web Site

Some design but mostly production and scripting for this film web site. A Flash video player (including the encoding of videos) and an online forum were included in the project. (THINKFilm/Sklar Media) View Site »

SkinCareCenter CD-ROM

Design on a promotional CD-ROM for Clarins Skin Care Center. (Clarins)

Spamalot Email Invitation

Design on an email invite for a Yahoo!-sponsored preview of Monty Python’s Spamalot. (Yahoo!, Inc.)

Holiday Games Guide 2004 Campaign

Art direction, design, and animation on online ads for Yahoo!’s annual video game buying guide. Examples »

Yahoo! Home Page Redesign Tour

Production, animation, and scripting on this Flash tour of the new Yahoo! home page. (Yahoo!, Inc.)


Production and scripting on a small web site for NYU’s Center for Cosmology and Particle Physics department. (New York University)

Yahoo! Games Newsletters Templates

Art direction, design, and production on two HTML email newsletter templates for Yahoo! Games. (Yahoo!, Inc.)

Fantasy Baseball 2004 Campaign

Design, illustration, animation, production, and scripting on online ads, a sign-up site, direct emails, event signage, and a t-shirt for the 2004 season of Yahoo!’s popular Fantasy Baseball game. Examples » Web Site

Production and scripting on this skateboarding news web site. Movable Type installation & setup and phpAdsNew installation & setup was also required. ( View Site »

Yahoo! Games E3 Email Invites

Design & Production on email invitations for Yahoo!’s E3 2004 parties. (Yahoo!, Inc.)

Yahoo! MLS Soccer Pass Campaign

Design and animation on online ads for Yahoo!’s Major League Soccer coverage. (Yahoo!, Inc.)

NCAA Tournament Pick ‘em

Art Direction, design, and animation on ads for Yahoo!’s annual Tournament Pick ‘em pool. Examples »

Yahoo! TurboTax Campaigns

Production on online ads for both the 2003 and 2004 seasons of Yahoo! TurboTax. (Yahoo!, Inc.)

Yahoo! Policy Change Email

Art direction, design, and production on an HTML email sent to millions of Yahoo! members, explaining a change in privacy policy. (Yahoo!, Inc.)

SBC Yahoo! DSL Video Premier

Production on an HTML email and splash page for what was salvaged from Yahoo!’s failed Platinum product. (Yahoo!, Inc.)

Yahoo! Lounge

Yahoo! was given an opportunity to take over a portion of Foote Cone & Belding’s San Francisco office. Case Study »

Wells Fargo Web Site Prototype

Production and scripting on this prototype for a redesign. (Wells Fargo/Niteo Partners, Inc.)

Business Plan Pro Product Demo

A former FORCEQUIT client asked me to work on this extensive Flash-based product tour for Palo Alto Software’s Business Plan Pro software. Case Study »

CCS Architecture Web Site

Production and scripting on the HTML version of this architecture firm’s web site. (CCS Architecture)

Jeff Sand Product Development Web Site

Production on the site for Jeff Sand, one of the co-creators of the Switch snowboard binding. (Jeff Sand Product Development)

DGT Web Site

Design on this site for Digital Gene Technologies. My comps were modified slightly by Zoomedia, but for the most part, what I designed is what ended up on the site. (DGT/Zoomedia)

MK Sportswear Web Site

Design [unused], production, and scripting on this site for a Los Angeles area retailer. (MK Sportswear/THREAT) Handicapped Story

Design, illustration, and production on a story for Derek Powazek’s {fray}. (Fray) View Site »

Maple Skateboards Web Site

Design [unused], production, and scripting on this site for Maple Skateboards. The site featured several QuickTime videos, which I compressed using Cleaner. (Maple Skateboards/THREAT)

Konami Winter X-Games Print Ads

Design [unused] on print ads for Konami’s ESPN Winter X-Games Snowboarding 2002 & ESPN Winter X-Games Snocross video games. (Konami/THREAT)

Heckler Web Site

Production and scripting on a redesign of the Heckler Magazine web site. (Heckler Magazine/THREAT)

THREAT Create-A-Snowman

I came up with the idea for the 2001 THREAT Holiday promo about five minutes before the pitch meeting. Besides coming up with the basic initial design, I did many of the illustrations included in the final piece. Case Study »

Sessions Web Site

Production and scripting on the site for this snowboard company. Production was initially handled by another, but I was asked to take over. Rather than try to correct what had been already completed, I opted to start over (the quickest course of action, believe it or not). (threatmedia/FORCEQUIT)


Design, production, and scripting on the “extra” components for the THREAT site, like the cover archive and top ten lists (which had a custom content management system). (THREAT) View Site »

THREAT Identity

Design on the logotype for the company formed by the merger of FORCEQUIT and threatmedia. The logo mark (the grenade) was a holdover from threatmedia, while the logotype was created for the new company, based on a typeface called Hector. (THREAT)

FORCEQUIT Year 2001 Web Site

Although the year 2000 version of the site won awards (okay, one award, but it was big), drastic changes needed to be made for the redesign. The multiple windows with menus and submenus were replaced with a site that was, for the most part, contained on a single page. Case Study »

Sony Screenblast Titles

Design and photography on a series of feature title images for Sony’s Screenblast content site. (Sony/FORCEQUIT) Bait Story

Design, photography, and production on a story for Derek Powazek’s {fray}. (Fray) View Site »

Cyborg Manifesto Web Site

Design, production, and scripting on a micro-site created to coincide with an insert included in an issue of Adbusters magazine. (Adbusters/FORCEQUIT) View Site »

FORCEQUIT “Sarcastica” Screen Saver

Art direction, design, photography, illustration, animation, production, and scripting on a Macintosh screensaver created for inclusion on an iDN Magazine CD-ROM. (FORCEQUIT)

threatmedia Teaser

Animation on a flash teaser for threatmedia (done before the threatmedia + FORCEQUIT = THREAT merger). (threatmedia/FORCEQUIT)

Accenture Presentation Templates

Art direction, design, and illustration on a set of templates for internal Accenture presentations. (Accenture/FORCEQUIT) Slam City Jam Feature

Flash animation and ActionScript on a feature story about that year’s Slam City Jam. (Hardcloud/FORCEQUIT) Web Site

Designs for the initial version of the web site. (Hardcloud/FORCEQUIT) Web Site Teasers

Animation and production on a set of four weekly Flash teasers hyping the then-to-be-launched full web site. (Hardcloud/FORCEQUIT) Web Site

The site, which was limited to a single page with no full-page refreshes, was a DHTML beast, featuring more than two thousand lines of JavaScript, all written by me. In a way, it as like an operating system in a browser. Case Study »

Sega Dreamcast Launch Online Ad Campaign

To promote the launch of Sega’s Dreamcast console, spyplane developed an online marketing campaign that drew people to a sweepstakes site where the grand prize was every Dreamcast game of 1999. Case Study » Temp Web Site

Design and production on this quickie temporary website, created in a matter of hours, for flyswat (whose full-fledged web site was in production). (Flyswat/spyplane)

Digital Me Web Site

Design [unused] and production on this site showcasing a new digital identity technology from Novell. (Novell/spyplane)

spyplane HiFi Portfolio

Design, animation, production, and scripting on this portfolio created to take advantage of the then-new high bandwidth internet connections. (spyplane)

Excite/US Comedy Arts Festival Web Site

Design [unused] and production on this micro site for Excite’s sponsorship of the US Comedy Arts Festival. (Excite/spyplane)

Sony HiFD Product Demo

Animation and scripting on the product demo for Sony’s HiFD disk format. (Winkler Advertising/spyplane)

spyplane Web Site

Production and scripting (plus occasional “interface” design) on the web site for this San Francisco design boutique. The site had Flash and HTML versions that needed to stay in sync. (spyplane)