College Broadcast Campaigns

Yahoo! Sports College Broadcast is another Yahoo! property that I was involved in from the beginning. Although several people worked on its creative at the start, by the time I left the company, I was the only person doing the creative work.

College Broadcast provides alumni and general sports fans in general a way to hear— and sometimes see— their favorite college sporting events. Yahoo!’s coverage focused on basketball and football (well, if not their coverage as a whole, their advertising, at least).

One limitation when working with college sports photos is that there’s not a lot of freedom to show a players’ faces. That, coupled with the fact that Yahoo! didn’t necessarily want to show favoritism to a school by featuring their jerseys in the ads, most of the College Broadcast campaigns were based on silhouettes.

Throughout the various seasons and sports, many campaigns were created, each containing various animated ads, school-specific static ads, splash pages, and direct emails, which, for the most part, turned out well overall (although there is the infamous “exploding football” ad, which, although well received, I’m taking with me to my grave).

Yahoo!, Inc.
November 2004
Micro Sites, Online Ads, Direct Emails, Print Ads
Art Direction, Design, Illustration, Animation, Production, Scripting


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