Sega Dreamcast Launch Online Ad Campaign

To promote the launch of Sega’s Dreamcast console, spyplane developed an online marketing campaign that drew people to a sweepstakes site where the grand prize was every Dreamcast game of 1999.

The theme of the Sega Dreamcast launch campaign was “It’s thinking”, a reference to the Dreamcast’s [supposedly] revolutionary AI.

My primary responsibility on the project was the DHTML sweepstakes site. After the standard entry form was completed, the site gave the impression that the Dreamcast was not only watching random people and assessing their threat levels as being low, but that it was also watching the contestant.

My secondary task was to assist several designers in the creation of rich media banners by advising them on Flash best practices and later helping to optimize the ads to comply with the 12KB size limit.

The banners ran on MTV, IGN, and Raygun, among other places.

Foote Cone & Belding
September 1999
Micro Sites, Online Ads
Animation, Production, Scripting


Sweepstakes Intro