Fantasy Football 2004 Campaign

Although I wasn’t scheduled to work on it, I was asked to handle the campaign for Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football’s 2004 season.

Fantasy sports are popular at Yahoo!, but their Fantasy Football game is the number one fantasy football game on the internet (at least, that what the ads say). Its advertising was integral in keeping it number one.

After an initial round of creative produced by an outside agency was not well-received, I was asked to take a stab at the project. One of my first comps became the basis for the entire campaign, including the sign-up splash page, on- and off-network online ads, print ads (which ran in fantasy trade magazines, college newspapers, not to mention USA Today and Sports Illustrated), direct emails, promotional t-shirts, plus countless small, one-off pieces of creative, almost all of which were designed and produced by me alone.

The project took up the majority of my time from May to October 2004.

Yahoo!, Inc.
October 2004
Micro Sites, Online Ads, Direct Emails, Print Ads, Posters, Signs
Art Direction, Design, Illustration, Animation, Production


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