FORCEQUIT Year 2000 Web Site

The original version of the FQ web site, which made use of Flash & DHTML, featured several windows that moved & resized depending on the active section of the site. It got us recognized in an ID Magazine Design Annual.

The site was divided into three sections: Command (info about the company), Option (the portfolio), Escape (random things/experiments). Each section was in its own small window. Flash movies in each window were synchronized to give the impression that animation beginning in one window was continuing to adjacent windows. When activating a section, its window moved and expanded as the other two windows moved and shrank.

The site worked by using LiveConnect for Netscape browsers and ActiveX for Internet Explorer to pass information from JavaScript in the HTML page to ActionScript in the Flash movies and vice-versa.

The site was launched from a home page which featured daily background designs, a lot of which were created by passing Photoshop files around the office with multiple people (okay, two people) working back-and-forth on one image.

September 2000
Small-Scale Web Sites
Design, Animation, Production, Scripting
Silver Award, ID Magazine Interactive Media Design Review 2001


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