FORCEQUIT Year 2001 Web Site

Although the year 2000 version of the site won awards (okay, one award, but it was big), drastic changes needed to be made for the redesign. The multiple windows with menus and submenus were replaced with a site that was, for the most part, contained on a single page.

I took the first crack at the new site’s design, which was created with simplicity in mind. The Flash interface from the previous version was ditched. The multiple windows were tossed out. Instead, I went for a single page layout to maximize ease of use. All of the content is contained in one wide frame that scrolls left/right while the top and bottom frames remain static. Projects and other content in the main frame are cycled via JavaScript click-through.

One thing FQ did want to keep from the old site was the daily “cover”. By the time FORCEQUIT merged with threatmedia, there were 222 covers in the cover archive (the majority of which were made by me).

February 2001
Small-Scale Web Sites
Art Direction, Design, Production, Scripting


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