Good Vibrations Web Site

Consisting of thousands of HTML pages, the redesign of the site is the largest project I’ve ever been involved with.

The Good Vibrations web site redesign involved reworking dozens of page templates and editing upwards of 500 unique pages. New to the site was a revamped online store, powered by a product called Ecometry, which, itself, consisted of hundreds of files.

Production began once the rather smooth design phase was completed. To ease the process of editing myriad HTML pages, I wrote several Perl scripts and AppleScripts that automated a lot of the replacing and merging of new and old templates, saving days worth of time. After completing a three-day training session in Florida on the Ecometry software, I was ready to begin its integration into the site, which was difficult, because of some limitations of the out-of-the-box software that made it hard to do bread crumb navigation in the store. I came up with a workaround that involved using Perl to generate 80 slight variations of 18 templates, resulting in 1440 files that would have been a nightmare to create manually).

The site has since been redesigned.

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October 2001
Large-Scale Web Sites
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