Independent Truck Co. Web Site

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of NHS, Inc’s Independent Truck Co., I helped develop a site that was an archive of almost every conceivable piece of information relating to the company, from past team riders to every single print ad ever run in a magazine.

My design for the Indy site didn’t make the cut, but that was okay, as I had the monstrous production phase to prepare for.

The site featured hundreds of pages, most of which was in the form of galleries: 25 years worth of products, team riders, and the big one, the ad archive. Rather than agonize over manually coding previous and next links in hundreds of pages, some time was invested in writing PHP scripts to speed up the process. Even though the site would be static, PHP was used to generate the HTML files that were to be uploaded to the Indy web server.

Production also involved the compression of newly-created video interviews with former and current team riders. Videos were run through Cleaner using the Sorenson Video 3 Pro codec to maximize quality and minimize file size.

The site, unfortunately, has since been redesigned.

NHS, Inc.
Lindy Three
March 2003
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