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The site, which was limited to a single page with no full-page refreshes, was a DHTML beast, featuring more than two thousand lines of JavaScript, all written by me. In a way, it as like an operating system in a browser.

The site had three areas of interest: design, business, and technology. One is expanded by default. Clicking on another shrank the current selection and expanded the new selection, all done using DHTML without a page reload. Articles were loaded into dynamically created window objects that pulled content from a database. The windoids had DHTML scrollbars, were movable, and, of course, were closable.

I don’t know whose bad idea it was to make the whole content-driven site DHTML based (not mine, that’s for sure), but someone approved the idea and I had to live with the decision. Conceptually and technically, it was interesting. It was just was not smart to apply that concept to a site with so much content. The short life of that version of the site proved that. After a few months it was replaced by almost an exact opposite version, bordering on boring. Which is a good thing in this case.

February 2000
Medium-Scale Web Sites, Web Site Prototypes
Production, Scripting


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