THREAT Create-A-Snowman

I came up with the idea for the 2001 THREAT Holiday promo about five minutes before the pitch meeting. Besides coming up with the basic initial design, I did many of the illustrations included in the final piece.

My work on the THREAT Promo Video kept me from being more involved in the Holiday Promo, but Sergio Robledo-Maderazo took my initial sketch and worked up a fine presentation. Once the basic shell was complete, all of us in the creative department at THREAT handled illustrating the individual pieces or art used in the final piece.

The complete list of illustrations I made were: pirate hat; parrot beak/faucet combo (a Simpsons reference); Karate Kid headband; “Hannibal Lecter” face mask; coffee mug; wooden barrel; hula skirt; inflatable duck; Dumb Donald; Milhouse; Hellboy; and an unused nod to the film Bottle Rocket.

An “homage” to this was created for Yahoo! several years later.

December 2001
Micro Sites
Art Direction, Illustration


Original Sketch