Unbound Project Web Site

The visual assets provided for this Flash teaser and micro site consisted of three things: a logo, an album cover, and a photo. Given the limited resources, some improvisation was required…

For the intro, the soldier was extracted from the album cover image, traced in Adobe Streamline, and brought into Flash. The idea was to start the teaser zoomed in at the bottom of the soldier. From there, the “camera” would follow the edges of the “object” and, after enough had been seen, slowly zoom out to reveal the entire soldier. Once I completed the underlying animation, Sergio Robledo-Maderazo added the text layer and audio. That took care of one of the three images.

The other two were used on the micro site, which needed to give background information on the album, announce the listening party for the CD’s debut, and provide links to purchase the disc online.

The project is a good example of how something compelling can be created without an abundance of assets (though clients shouldn’t take that as encouragement to skimp on what they provide their creative teams).

Realized Records
July 2000
Micro Sites, Teasers
Design, Animation, Production, Scripting


Teaser Screenshots