Yahoo! NYC2003 Party

This party for Yahoo!’s New York sales office consisted of a takeover of a local night club. Logos, photography, invitations, signs, and tchotchkes were all done to support the event.

I was part of the design team for a party thrown by Yahoo!’s New York sales office for some of its favorite clients. The party was held at a club that, at the start of the project, wasn’t finished being built. The look for the party’s decorations had to mesh with the look of the then-unfinished club (which I was told would use primarily rust and gold colors, although I hadn’t seen the actual samples).

The overall design started with the invitation, which featured a photo of Manhattan from the Empire State Building that I had taken the year before. That photo, along with two others from that night, plus a classy logotype set in Futura, were carried out to: multiple light box based signs that hung from the ceiling of the venue; two giant 32x87” wall stickers placed behind the bar; and assorted random items, such as name tags.

In the end, all the items I created perfectly fit with the decor of the brand new club. And the music wasn’t half-bad, either.

Yahoo!, Inc.
September 2003
Logos, Direct Emails, Posters, Signs, Invitations
Art Direction, Branding, Design, Photography


36x20 Welcome