Yahoo! Platinum Campaign

Platinum was Yahoo!’s video on demand service. It featured content from such providers as the BBC, CBS, Fox, NCAA, and National Geographic, to name a few. I was involved in all of its online ad campaigns.

Platinum’s initial ad campaign was called the “Reveal” campaign, as all the ads featured their copy being revealed by items relevant to the subject matter: butterflies for Discovery Channel, fire for Survivor, etc. I did the Flash work for most of those ads and came up with the concepts for several of them (for lack of a better term, I’ll just call them “the good ones”).

Getting to the second phase of the campaign wasn’t easy. The creative team came up with a good concept (referred to as the “Transform” campaign), but it was shot down due to the decision-makers’ apparent opposition to anything illustrated.

That led us to the “Numbers” campaign, the goal of which was to prominently feature a photo and obstruct it as little as possible. After several rounds, a version similar to Pop-up Video was chosen.

Platinum shut down around October of 2003.

Yahoo!, Inc.
July 2003
Micro Sites, Online Ads, Direct Emails
Design, Illustration, Animation, Production